Industrial Coatings with Industrial Strength for Whitehorse and Beyond

At Quantum Machine Works Ltd., we believe in using top-notch products to provide for our customers. Along with our custom machining services, we offer industrial coatings for Whitehorse residents from Endura Paint. Endura Paint is a built-to-last paint with industrial strength. The paint offers an extended service life. With high performance polyurethane and epoxy coatings, Endura Paint uses custom formulations to meet individual requirements. Need a particular colour? Endura Paint offers a colour match or creation services depending on need.

High Performance Industrial Coating Solutions to Protect Your Investment

Endura Paint offers long-lasting, high-performance paints that have been researched, developed, and tested to endure harsh environments. Because Endura has paint systems that are built to last – even on oil rigs and gravel trucks – your investment will be better protected for many years. At Quantum Machine Works, we believe in “the Endura Advantage.” Give us a call today to see how our custom machinery works with Endura Paint to meet your needs!

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