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Quantum Machine Works Ltd. stands at the forefront of Whitehorse's industrial landscape, providing top-quality custom machining parts. We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to businesses and individuals alike with Endura Paint products in Whitehorse.


Endura Paint, renowned for its durability and impeccable finish, finds its supplier in Quantum Machine Works Ltd. in Whitehorse. Our extensive stock ensures that customers can easily access a comprehensive range of Endura Paint products, meeting diverse needs across industries.


At Quantum Machine Works Ltd., we understand the significance of reliable and lasting coatings, especially in the rugged Canadian terrain. Endura Paint's products, known for their resilience and longevity, perfectly align with our mission to provide top-tier supplies to our valued customers in Whitehorse.

Whether you are engaged in industrial projects or commercial ventures, we have covered you with the trusted performance of Endura Paint. Contact us or visit us to learn more about Endura Paints in Whitehorse.


Endura Paint is your go-to solution for high-quality coatings that stand the test of time. Here are the products by Endura Paints.


  • Endura Primers:
    These primers ensure optimal adhesion, creating a solid foundation for the subsequent layers. Whether you're working on metal or other substrates, Endura Primers deliver unmatched performance.

  • Endura Topcoats:
    From vibrant colours to subtle hues, topcoats offer superior coverage and protection, ensuring your surfaces look stunning while standing up to the elements.


  • Endura Additives:
    Tailor your coatings to specific requirements with Endura Additives. Whether you need enhanced durability, faster drying times, or improved resistance to harsh conditions, these additives allow you to customize your paint for optimal results.


  • Endura Pre Treatments:
    Ensure long-lasting adhesion and corrosion resistance with Endura Pre Treatments. These specialized treatments prepare surfaces for coating, promoting better paint adhesion and enhancing the overall performance of your finishes.


  • Endura Specialty Coatings:
    Whether you're seeking anti-graffiti solutions, high-temperature resistance, or specialized protective coatings, these are engineered to meet the toughest demands.


Quantum Machine Works Ltd. proudly stocks and supplies Endura Paint in Whitehorse for various industries, ensuring durability and quality protection for various equipment.


  • Oil field equipment
    Endura Paint safeguards oil field equipment, providing a shield against the harsh conditions prevalent in the industry. Its resilience ensures prolonged equipment life and operational efficiency.


  • Construction and transport equipment
    In the construction and transport sectors, Endura Paint provides a protective coating that protects against wear and tear caused by heavy use and exposure to the elements.


  • Redi-mix and concrete pumping
    The demanding environment of redi-mix and concrete pumping operations requires durable coatings. Endura Paint stands up to the challenge, offering longevity and protection for these critical components.


  • Mining equipment
    In the rugged terrain of mining operations, Endura Paint provides a strong defence, helping mining equipment withstand harsh conditions and maintain peak performance.


  • Fleet/automotive
    Endura Paint is preferred for fleets and automotive applications, ensuring a sleek appearance while protecting vehicles from Canadian weather and road conditions.


  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
    Original Equipment Manufacturers trust Endura Paint to maintain the quality and aesthetics of their products, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of machinery.


  • Farm/agricultural equipment
    Agricultural machinery faces diverse challenges, from exposure to the elements to the impact of farming activities. Endura Paint ensures these machines remain in top condition, enhancing their lifespan.


  • Aviation
    In the aviation industry, where precision and durability are essential, Endura Paint provides a reliable protective coating for aircraft, contributing to their overall performance and safety.


  • Marine
    Marine equipment requires special protection against saltwater corrosion and other harsh marine conditions. Endura Paint is the go-to choice for ensuring the longevity of marine assets.

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Upgrade your projects with the superior quality of Endura Paint by Quantum Machine Works Ltd.

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