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Quantum Machine Works Ltd. actively seeks projects designed to either protect our environment or learn from it.  We have manufactured biomass heating systems, contributed to space programs, and provided the renowned permafrost drilling system, Talon Drill to scientists, engineers, and researchers across the North from the west coast of Alaska to the east coast of Canada.

Quantum Machine Works Ltd. cares about our environment and community. We have “put our money where our mouth is” by installing the largest private industrial solar power generation system in Yukon, at our facility in Whitehorse. Quantum is capable of generating 157 kilowatts of power to feed our consumption needs, and also supply our community’s electrical grid when not needed by us.

Sustainability also has a greater context. With rare exceptions, Quantum employees are long-term.  We insulate the typical boom and bust economy in the North from ourselves by building products in the slow times that we know will sell in the boom times. This creates permanent, stable jobs that allow our employees to grow their careers with us, and help propel our local economy.

Quantum Machine Works Ltd. takes time out each year to show young adults enrolled in Yukon’s “Women in Trades” Program what our business is all about, and how they could fit into our rewarding industry.


You can count on us for custom machining, line boring, fabrication, welding services and more.

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