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Our History



Quantum Machine Works Ltd. is comprised of approximately twenty skilled technicians and support staff with skills that range across a large cross-section of industry. Our team includes highly valuable office and logistics workers that keep our technicians focused on their specialties. Mechanics and hydraulic technicians ensure mechanical and hydraulic systems are assembled and repaired correctly, the first time. Machinists build and repair tight-tolerance components of many different industries. Welders fabricate components into complex welded assemblies, before and after machining. Each member of the engineering and design teams draws on past careers in the trades which provides a “common sense” perspective for getting designs to completion.  Finishers and painters “seal the deal” making our products shine. Apprentices of each trade prioritize learning the skills and practices that make Quantum Machine Works Ltd. the choice for quality.


Quantum Machine Works Ltd. was founded in 1993. At the time, Quantum was a two-person shop operating out of an 1800 square foot shop. Quantum specialized in precision machinery repair work, line boring, precision fabrication and welding.

Owner Martin Loos hired his first apprentice, Lee Johnson, in 1994. In 1999, Quantum Machine Works Ltd. built a new shop and began plans to gear up for in-house manufacturing. In 2001, Quantum, now a five-man shop, purchased its first CNC lathe and mill. Local businesses took notice and business quickly grew.

In 2006, the diamond drilling market expanded. With a hefty workload, Martin and Lee decided to bring in more help.  By rising to that challenge, Quantum Machine Works Ltd. grew into the shop that it is, at times operating two shifts, a multitude of new machines and a crew of production workers.

Quantum employee’s can-do attitude and Martin’s leadership embraced new skills and capabilities to meet the demand of increasingly complex manufacturing. Each new skill, each new software and machine mastered, opened more doors.

Today, with the diamond drilling market stabilized, Quantum Machine Works Ltd. uses its talents to innovate new products, and evolve with industry’s need for safety and production.

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