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Machining Capabilities


Quantum Machine Works Ltd. has invested in the latest CAD/CAM systems and is continually upgrading our machine technologies in order to provide precise, on-time and competitively priced parts and line boring machines and equipment in Yukon. Quantum Machine Works Ltd. utilizes Solidworks™, Mastercam™, Gibbscam™ and Rapidworks™ for fast prototyping of new parts. We have also invested in NextEngine™ scanning equipment that allows for high-definition laser scans of parts for quick reverse engineering and prototyping.

Keeping your project on schedule is essential for your profit margins, and that’s where our quality line boring equipment in Yukon comes in handy. Whether your bores have become worn or are improperly cut, we have the materials and equipment necessary to ensure that your bores remain up to standard and can be quickly repaired. 

Our CNC lathe inventory includes:

2 – Haas SL-20 with magazine bar feeders
1 – Haas SL-20
1 – Haas SL-20 auto parts loader
1 – Haas ST-20
1 – Haas SL-30 with bar feeder
1 – Haas SL-30 big bore
1 – Haas SL-30
1 – Haas SL-40 Big bore
1- Haas ST-30 BB with magazine bar feeder


1 – Haas VF-4 4 axis
1 – Haas VF-3 super speed with 4th axis
1 – Haas TM-1 with 4th axis
1 – Haas TM-2 with 4th axis
1 – Haas super mini mill
1 – Haas VF-6 with 5th axis
1 – Haas EC-300 horizontal machining centre with dual pallet changer
1 – Haas ES-5 4T horizontal machining centre
Mill Inventory


We also employ the use of Amada and HYDMECH band saws as well as manual lathes, mills, drill presses, breaks and sheers, line boring machines, CNC EDM machines and a Lincoln system 30/ Fanuc 100IB welding robot to name a few. We have ONA Wire EDM, gear hobs and shapers as well.

Quantum Machine Works Ltd. also has a precision fabrication department with MIG, TIG and stick welding capabilities. We have over 16,000 square feet of shop space at our Whitehorse facility.


With our advanced line boring equipment in Yukon, we are able to get your job done on time and in an efficient manner.

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